CNCed Hilbert curve trivet

Darrel Anderson of Bon Accord, AB, created this geeky trivet as the first project with his new Mark 3 CNC.

This is a trivet, in other words a thing to put a hot pot on. The design is a hilbert curve, actually 4 hilbert curves connected to make the one continuous line. The wood is cherry. I really like cherry because of how well it sands to a glossy finish.

6 thoughts on “CNCed Hilbert curve trivet

  1. This is technically four order-two Hilbert curves joined in a way that makes them one non-Hilbert curve. Reading the furnished article, I see that he makes the same distinction himself.

    All of that needless pedantry aside, it’s a beautiful trivet – and really restores my desire to have ready access to CNC.

  2. I really like cherry because the sawdust smells awesome! I have a CNC project coming up on a piece that’s a combination of cherry and walnut. When the 1/2″ endmill is doing the rough pass, it burns the wood a little bit when it stops to change directions. I could probably fix it by changing the speed, but it smells so darn good! Kudos to Darrel for an excellent trivet!

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