Driftwood Spool-Tidy

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This driftwood spool-tidy is fresh. The crafter on Tastykaeru (Edinburgh, UK) came up with the idea while thinking of a way to display her thread spools in a more visual, accessible way. Her dad had a huge stash of driftwood that had been collected over the years, and she thought to use some of it to display her spools on the wall!

6 thoughts on “Driftwood Spool-Tidy

  1. fishesandloaves.wordpress.com says:

    That’s truly amazing! A wonderful expression of creativity, .. I love it :)

  2. www.thezenofmaking.com says:

    I’m not sure which part I like more: the display method or the thread collection?

  3. Anja Rieger Design says:

    Awesome – lucky if you have such a huge space available! Think to rearrange my wall!

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