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Projects from MAKE magazine and Make: Online:


Playable Pac-Man Costume

Halloween will be sneaking up and scaring the stuffing out of you before you know it. Time to get started on your costume, especially if you want it to be as epic as this playable Pac-Man costume, from the pages of our MAKE Halloween special edition.


Crooked Knife
Tim Anderson, writer of MAKE’s “Heirloom Technology” column, shows you how to make your own version of a northern nomad’s woodworking tool. From MAKE Volume 22.

All the northern tribes in North America and Asia have their own version of it. My farm relatives use them to trim their horse’s hooves. I think that whatever wave of invaders brought horse culture to Europe must have brought this style of knife with them.


Ball-in-Cage Alarm Switch
Sean Ragan fabricates this cool mechanical switch which can be used to control an alarm (or anything else you want to be motion-triggered).

User-Contributed Projects


Origami Spinner
On the heels of our electronic origami project comes another paper-folding project — building a 6-numbered spinner from a single sheet of paper using only folding.

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