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Ben Franklin Crafts in downtown Manistique
When I knew I was going to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I immediately started looking up Ben Franklin Crafts locations. A nod back to the days of the five-and-time, BF has a general store feel with a heavy emphasis on crafts. You tend to find them in your smaller towns. They’re few and far between here in Michigan, so when I found one in Manistique, I made a point to stop. Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like inside.

Lots of notions and bits. The store carries just about any craft project you might want to work on.
The familiar “Crafts” sign lets you know you’re in the right department.
I often have a hard time at home trying to find different shapes and sizes when it comes to embroidery hoops. Ben Franklin has lots to choose from.
The fabric at Ben Franklin ranges from Moda to local favorites, such as this bolt of deer fabric. Of if you’re thinking toward the holidays, Elvis might be able to help you out.
And speaking of holidays, Ben Franklin can offer you this great Santa form, ready for you to decorate. Where is his shirt?! Oh, right, I need to make one for him…
I ended up picking up several cuts of fabric and some Halloween costume pieces to get me ready (too early to think about?). Hopefully I’ll get to visit another BF soon.

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  1. Hey! So sorry for not being able to get more photos up. My Interent connection while traveling was definitely spotty. I’ve put some more photos up and added some more commentary to them all. And definitely not calling it a tour anymore ;)

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