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Sandcast aluminum ray gun, with bonus pour vid

Craig Bush saw our recent post about Ryan Palser’s Fallout 3 replica weapons and thought we might be interested in this photoset of his home-poured aluminum Call of Duty ray gun replica. He was right. As much as the prop itself, I really dig his video of the pour, embedded above. If you’re interested in sandcasting aluminum at home, there’s a lot to learn, in the 120-odd seconds of this video, about how to do it right.


8 thoughts on “Sandcast aluminum ray gun, with bonus pour vid

  1. I was under the impression that aluminum requires an extremely high melting temperature. What setup (heat source) did he use to melt the aluminum?

    1. Aluminum melts at a little over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (660 degrees Celsius), a temperature very much reachable in a household charcoal fire, especially if a little extra air is forced in with a hair dryer or a leaf blower.

    2. It was using a standard propane tank and took about a half hour to melt everything. I did use the charcoal and blower method once to cremate a friends hamster. The local place wanted $150 to do it…

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