Biennophone radio from 1953, now with MP3

Biennophone radio from 1953, now with MP3

I have an old vintage tube radio and have thought about putting modern electronics in it, too. This one has some cool features, like it actually plays the MP3 and modern AM and FM tuners through the original AM tube radio, using the last two channels 340 and 307 KHz, so you get that crap… er warm old-timey sound out of it. The unit is operated by an IR remote control.

And this isn’t just any old tube radio, either. This is a 1953 Swiss Biennophone HF radio that used to receive its signals over the phone lines. Holy proto-Internets, Batman!

Biennophone radio from 1953 with MP3

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  1. Dexter says:

    I remember the Biennophone from my youth time (70&80). You could find them also in Hospital and Hotel rooms.
    Check this collector site (just ignore the desing):

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