Open source plans for large scale sound system


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Laoban Soundsystem via Michael!

Laoban Soundsystem is a 6,000-watt massive soundsystem fabricated in China. The plans to make it are 100% copyleft under a Creative Commons share-alike license. This copyleft hardware is called Qi Hardware ( Laoban is Qi Hardware. All steps needed to build the speakers are documented and the knowledge to reproduce the soundsystem is made available to anyone, particularly on the web at

4 thoughts on “Open source plans for large scale sound system

  1. Hmmmm….I can’t download the plans at the moment. I just get an error message. However, from the thumbnails there does not seem to be any information regarding the drivers that are meant to be used with these cabinets. Without this information the plans are, unfortunately, useless. The specifications of the drivers have a huge impact on the design of the cabinets, and vice versa. You can’t just shove any old driver in the cabinets and expect to get decent sound out of them. You’ll get sound, but it may not sound that great. If you want to build your own large-scale sound system, then head over to You’ll find plenty of complete plans, and all the help you’ll ever need….

  2. Why use BR like the system in this post in such a big system? Doesn’t really make sense not to go hornloaded with something of that magnitude..

    Agree with Gyro, haa been around for a long time, with good support.

    Check out the punisher and Xtro design if you’re looking into building a large, scalable PA system (one of the best combinations out there at the moment);
    (be sure to click the British flag ;) )

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