From NYTimes.com:

Perched high above an industrial stretch of East Williamsburg, a menacing robot nine feet high and seven feet wide surveys the street below, watching cars steal past graffitied factory buildings as if they were prey. Its fierce head sways and dips when a wooden rudder protruding from the back of its neck catches the breeze.

This is the Brooklyn Griffin. It almost never was. An earlier edition was destroyed on orders from an unsympathetic building manager.

“We managed to salvage a whole hand and two thumbs,” said one of the two visiting British artists who built the griffin. The rest was relegated to the trash.

The two men, who make art under the names of Jimmy Bumble and Leonard White, traveled to the United States from London as part an art collective called Giant Robots that constructs walking, talking robots made almost entirely from found objects.

[via Core77]