Sculptor Dustin Wallace, whose intricately machined Transformers for grown-ups and sheet metal origami robots I have been raving about for some months, now, is at it again. These are a selection of choice work-in-progress shots from his latest build, called Sentry. Besides the arm blades pictured immediately above, when complete, Sentry will sport hoses connected to canisters containing liquid on its back and a glowing LED in the eye.

Right now, Dustin is borrowing time in a machine shop, nights and weekends, to make his robots. If you dig his work, please take a second to check out his Etsy shop and the kickstarter he’s running to fund the purchase of a small milling machine and lathe for his own shop. Besides good karma, patrons will receive one of a range of limited edition Dustin Wallace original works. Good luck, Dustin!