Be your kid’s hero by helping him/her build a pony/unicorn from scrap plywood. A sweet story from Sweet Juniper:

When I asked her what she wanted to make for our project last week, she hadn’t had a horse lesson for a month because her instructor was traveling to various horse shows out west. She told me she wanted to make “a horse that she could ride, out of wood, sort of like the Trojan Horse.” She then drew me a picture of what it would look like.

[Besides the horn,] The ears, when pulled forward, also reveal this unicorn/horse’s other secret: it has wings. I struggled with how to attach the wings, ultimately settling on hinges. The wings are held in place by the ears when she wants it to be just a plain old horse.

She doesn’t ride him with the wheels on, but she likes leading him around. He rolls around the neighborhood like a crazy shopping cart.

[Thanks, Stefan!]