Quadrocopter drone learns new tricks

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Quadrocopter drone learns new tricks

GRASP Lab‘s quadrocopter can now dip through a thrown hoop or right itself after being thrown into the air. [Via Engadget, thanks RocketMan!]

6 thoughts on “Quadrocopter drone learns new tricks

  1. Chris Gammell says:

    It keeps getting better! I love that these are control projects at colleges.

    I think the next step is turning up the motor power and start doing some heavy heavy lifting while doing awesome maneuvers. Who wouldn’t want to see a quadcopter carrying a cow through some 10 foot loops?

  2. fischju says:

    Better? This is manhack prototyping. Except they’ll be smart enough to avoid crowbar swipes.

  3. RocketGuy says:

    But call me anything but late to dinner.

    I’m now wondering if this is using wall mounted sensors to pull off some of what they’re doing. Looks like they’ve got ladar in the corner?

    I still dream of the day that a quadcopter drone could make it’s way in the world unassisted save for the occasional charge.

    Still, nice work.

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