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Mac Classic clock

Matteo from Ithaca, NY, repurposed an obsolete computer to serve a clock. He calls it steampunk but it looks more like it survived a wicked house fire…

This Macintosh Classic II (circa 1990) has a new life as a shelf-top clock. Running MacOS 7 at 16mhz on 4mb ram and a 20mb hard drive, it features a dozen-or-so different shareware/freeware clock and time applications, including a world clock, moon clock, sunrise-sunset data, count-down event timer, and “fate clock” (counts down in seconds to your life-expectancy-based predicted moment of death). The internal computer chassis was removed from the original off-white case, adorned with beads and glitter-glue, and then spray painted flat black (including the mouse). Keeps accurate time, and chimes appropriately on the hour, half-hour, and 15 and 45 minute marks.

8 thoughts on “Mac Classic clock

  1. Looks cool (wouldn’t call it steampunk, though)… I really like the exposed monitor. But it’s definitely not cat or toddler friendly, so it won’t be making its way into my house ;)

  2. Not seeing any brass elements or Victorian touches.

    I’m not trying to sound unkind. Honestly, I’m all for making good use of the nearly unusable/making something from nothing but this is not Steampunk.

    I vote for Junkpunk. If not that, then Gomipunk? Ok then, just LoTek? I could imagine having seen it in “Johnny Mnemonic.”

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