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Knife sharpening bicycle


Check out this cool street side knife sharpener setup. I’ve been told this used to be a common occurrence back in the first half of the twentieth century. [via BikeHacks]

4 thoughts on “Knife sharpening bicycle

  1. My father’s father had a pedal-powered grindstone with a two-foot-diameter stone. It wasn’t a converted bicycle, but had a wooden frame and a steel tractor seat. I got to see it at his farm in Missouri during late 40s and early 50s visits.

  2. Hi, I’m a musician living in NYC who has taken up knife sharpening as a side job. I would love to have a bicycle powered sharpening rig like this. I’m not exceedingly mechanically inclined. Do you have any advise on how I might go about constructing something like this?

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