We’re here at the World Fair Grounds in Queens, NY for the Open Hardware Summit (which’ll segue nicely into the World Maker Faire). Dale was at Limor’s opening talk this morning and posted a piece on his personal blog from his phone. I think his notes on what she said sum up a part of the open source ethos quite handily. Here’s a snip:

Being good at open source hardware and being good at business are two different things. Turn your fear of getting ripped off into a sense of pride that your design was chosen to be ripped off. Biggest reason for doing open source software is the awesome community. We are giving to the community. We are letting go of our Art so that it can grow up. What we make will outlast us. Limor does open source hardware to make herself a better engineer. #openhwsummit

Limor Fried leads off at Open Source Hardware Summit

Watch the streaming video of the Summit presentations here.