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Borged-out car

borg2.jpgCraig Smith, whose work has appeared in this blog numerous times (see links below) is at it again:

My wife went to visit family this weekend. So left by myself, something geek-like is bound to happen. I started cutting and forming plastic sheets, assembling doo-dads and modifying my car. The result is a car where “…resistance is futile.” Completed? Heck no. There is a lot of fender left and a lot of car beyond that. Don’t worry, items are SECURELY fastened with brackets and screws. Last thing I want is my nanites attacking the car behind me.

I’m not going to end with a Borg cube, but perhaps with the entire front quarter assimilated and various components around the car. I’ll have green LED lighting, but not lights directly visible as to get pulled over for D.O.T. lighting violations.



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