Riley’s workshop

Riley Porter’s “man cave” looks somewhat cramped but extremely well organized, with a place for everything. My favorite detail is the big monitor up on the wall, it looks super handy for displaying info while working on a project.

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  1. I hope one day to have my own “man cave” but for now I have a 1/3 of the garage (maybe less). But you have to start somewhere.

    1. Gareth,

      I was hoping you didn’t notice that :) I read make on my ipad/mac book air. Most of the time.. Robot is not available in the digital format :)

      However my make subscription is still active and my robot has lapsed.

      Yah its a bit smaller than I wanted but the cost to size ratio in the DC area being what it is. This is about as big of an addon as I could afford.

      Luke: My workshop is about 1/3 of a garage :)


  2. I don’t get the computers/monitors/TVs I see in so many workshop pictures. Maybe they are just for show and they never generate any actual chips or dust? Or do they have to haul out a big tarp all the time?

    1. David,

      My woodworking equipment has been placed into a storage shed. This is the whole “size” issue I had. I had to make a choice, and while I do wood working projects I do far more electronics / hacking projects. So it is a bit of a pain any time I want to cut something on my table saw / mitre saw I have to pull it out hook it up etc. At our next house my wife and are in agreement that it will be a cement floor full on workshop not an prefab 18×12′.


  3. I’m going to be fitting out my man cave next year (it’s currently storing all our stuff while we finish the house), so I love these posts.

    Making a list of ideas, one of which was to have a vacuum system to minimize dust/chip contamination and of course to reduce cleanup.

    I also have to consider noise issues, as I’m in an urban environment and I actually like my neighbors. I’d like to try and reduce noise for my own sanity as well.

    I would be interested to hear from anybody who’s installed an integrated vacuum system to their cnc rig etc. What did you use?


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