Tara Young at Etsy is at it again with a video profile of Kate Fix, aka Domestikate:

I first met Kate Fix, also known as Domestikate, at her home in Graham, North Carolina. I was there to peruse the nearby Liberty Antiques Festival, one of the largest secondhand shows on the East Coast. Lost amidst the sea of treasures, I was lucky enough to have Kate as mentor in the arts of the vintage hunt, her distinct scanning methods leading us to her favorite haunts.

My intrepid guide is both a filmmaker in New York and a vintage dealer in rural North Carolina. Kate’s unusual aesthetic serves her well down south. While most folks at the local country auction are looking for rustic butter churns and precious knick knacks, Kate goes for the most unexpected pieces on the auction block. Prosthetic limbs, champagne fountains, outsider art, kitschy jewelry, plastic telephones from the ’80s — nothing is too kooky for this lover of the unusual.