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By Becky Stern
Here I’ll show you how to add flashing LEDs to your backpack for fun and safety. I used a LilyPad Arduino with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for flatness and re-usability. The LEDs blink in a marquee pattern, two at a time, in patriotic red, white and blue. This project also appears as a CRAFT Video.


Computer with Arduino software
Needlenose pliers
Sewing needle
Source code and schematic

Relevant Parts

LiPower board
Lithium-polymer battery and charger
Conductive thread
Conductive velcro – Less EMF
Sticky-back velcro
Bag or backpack
Fabric patch to mount circuit
Small scrap of fabric for switch
Sewing thread
LilyPad Pro Kit

Go to MAKE: Projects for the full directions

2 thoughts on “How-To: Arduino Blinking Bike Patch

  1. Those instructions look complicated. Thank goodness for video! This would be great for a souped up Halloween costume too.

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