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Office chair from junked leather car seat

I like this idea from Ottawan Craig Reyenga, who bolted a nice leather car seat from a junkyard Volvo that he picked up for $15 onto a rolling base to make his own computer chair.


10 thoughts on “Office chair from junked leather car seat

  1. My high school math teacher had a chair recovered from a Saab. It’s defintely a wonderfully comfortable hack if you can find an upmarket bucket seat in the junkyard (or parts store, if money is no object)

  2. Volvo has some of the most comfortable and award winning seats in the industry, they’re ideal for any situation where you’re sitting all day. Probably more comfy than chairs you’d pay hundreds of dollars for. I’ve considered ripping out some old Volvo seats to put in my Taurus because I miss the ones from my old 940.

  3. Not the same, but I had a comfortable old wooden office chair that had its wheels fall off when the wood couldn’t take the stress of the wheel holders anymore. I nailed 2×4 in place of the wheels to elevate the chair so I could continue using a comfortable chair, thought it couldn’t roll around.

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