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Giant fluid dynamics sculpture made of robot-glued plastic balls

Um, wow. Geometric Death Frequency-141, as it’s called, was created by Czech artist Federico Díaz. It consists of 420,000 plastic spheres, each of which appears to be about 1.5″ in diameter, glued together by industrial robot arms. The subject is a simulated liquid splashing inside an imaginary 50x20x20 foot box. Reportedly, Díaz wrote the software to perform the simulation himself, and the software to drive the assembly process, as well. More details over at designboom. [via Gizmodo]


2 thoughts on “Giant fluid dynamics sculpture made of robot-glued plastic balls

  1. It *will* consist of … it’s not actually made, that’s an artist’s rendering. While it looks like it will be impressive, any rendering is liable to look better than the final product, so I’d hold off on giving it a full-fledged “wow” until it’s for real.

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