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This week in the CRAFT Flickr pool we saw:

lace stamp by karaku*,


sisters dolls by ThEm DoLLz,


needle felted pigasus by daria.lvovsky,


and classic pimp by karabouts.

10 thoughts on “CRAFT Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

  1. classic pimp, really? that anyone would want to craft something so offensive, and that you would then go and post it, are completely beyond me.

  2. boy o boy! that pegasus sure is cute. I bet my three year old daughter would want to kiss his little nose just like she likes to kiss her stuffed little pig’s snout. We love cuddly things and that Pegasus looks so sweet!

  3. You choose to be offended, I chose to be amused. This awesome amigurumi is no different than a Halloween costume of the same nature, and I thought it was creative and fun enough to share with you here. We post so many things, move along past the ones you don’t like.

  4. People are just ignorant. I myself love it!!! Made me giggle. Reminds me of Katt Williams as Money Mike on Friday After Next. “Pimp down!!!” LMAO I love that movie.

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