Last weekend I had the chance to check out the American Sewing Expo here in Novi. Every year it’s a great mix of beautiful fabrics and notions mixed with hands-on workshops. While I didn’t have a chance to stay for a full workshop, I did walk around the show floor to get a feel for what 2010 was all about.

I loved the variety of notions you could find from the vendors. These spools of trim were definitely great for project brainstorming.
The Re-Construction area is always a hit with attendees. You can make a project or get some tips on ideas.
Checking out some of the vendor booths on the show floor.
I tried out this huge, computer-powered embroidery machine. It’s amazing to think of how technology plays such a huge part in our crafting, but I’ll admit, I think I’ll stick to the old-fashioned embroidery techniques.

2 thoughts on “American Sewing Expo

  1. looks like so much fun! i live in LA so i can venture into the fabric district for inexpensive treasures, but one has to wade through a whole lot of cheap -shall i say- junk, before finding the good stuff. looks like there are lots of beautiful things to see and buy at the sewing expo!

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