Cute LED costume

AnnMarie Thomas (whose work has appeared in MAKE Magazine as well as Make: Online in the past, links below) created this adorable LED costume for her daughter. If you can’t figure out how to make it by looking at the pic, she created an Instructable to guide you. (I love the anode/cathode leggings!)


From the pages of MAKE:

MAKE Volume 22, Remote Control Everything
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6 thoughts on “Cute LED costume

  1. Actually that is just a diode, the double tilde is missing to denote emission of photons. Better than most of the costumes I have seen, baring the personal mamogram costume of course.

  2. Actually, I purposely used the “plain” diode symbol. She was a diode, who emitted light (through the flashlight). Also, it’s easier to make a plain diode symbol with tape. :)

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