Can a Building Be a Sun-Death Ray? YES!

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Can a Building Be a Sun-Death Ray? @ Wired Science via Waxy.

Vdara hotel Death Ray. Basically, a curved shiny building makes a hot spot. You have to read the story, but how about some back-of-the-envelope calculations? In particular, would this building be able to melt some plastic bags and stuff?

From the pages of MAKE:
Make 684
Made on Earth. MAKE 03 – page 16. Reports from the world of backyard technology, including a shopping cart go-kart, the “Solar Death Ray,” a demolished house sculpture, a gas tank bass instrument, and some seriously big speakers.

2 thoughts on “Can a Building Be a Sun-Death Ray? YES!

  1. I remember a science fiction story in which a building was designed with moveable reflective windows to maximize energy efficiency. The window positions were controlled by a central computer. The trick was that the building was used as a murder weapon when the designer programmed the windows to focus sunlight onto an office across the street, killing his business partner.

    A variant of this idea could be used to focus sunlight onto a suspected car bomb before it gets close enough to be a threat. The perfect accessory to any embassy.

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