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How-To: LED Sneakers


Will Cruz likes jogging against traffic at night, but wishes cars could see him better. With the help of some super bright LED strips and a couple 9V batteries, he made these LED sneakers and shows you how, too.

12 thoughts on “How-To: LED Sneakers

  1. The leds look great!

    I think it would be easier on the batteries to add a 555 timer chip in the circuit to make the leds flash. Can anyone suggest how to do this?

    For added safety I’d also like to suggest a strip at the rear as well – maybe distribute half of the leds to the front and half to the rear.

  2. With or without lights, running in the street is often illegal. And it’s always dangerous for the runner and for cyclists, on whose legally-sanctioned strip of road runners often misappropriate. Please stop.

    1. In some parts of Manhattan, specifically along the West Side Highway, there’s a shared pedestrian/skater/bike lane where these would come in super handy, as they have the cyclists/rollerbladers facing opposite the cyclists. I agree runners shouldn’t run in the bike lane, but that doesn’t make this project any less cool. =]

  3. I wonder how you could make a slip on version so you could put LEDs on any shoe and save the LEDs when the shoes get worn out. You could add an elastic band that wrapped around the back of the shoe and that might hold it on.

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