Obviously, being a wiki, and a project platform for the entire MAKE community, anybody can submit a project to Make: Projects, even kids. Here, ten year old Ben Adase has created a post for his hovercraft build — the leaf blower, plywood, and plastic-sheet variety. I love that he used simple MS Paint illustrations for the build and just that he saw fit to show off his creation in the first place. Way to go, Ben! As he puts it: “With only one mildly expensive part, you can glide a couple of inches off the ground. I’m only ten, and I can do it!”

Being a common hovercraft design, I’m sure there are others in our readership who’ve built this type of craft. Here’s a great opportunity to add what you know about this project, add your own photos, improve on Ben’s drawings, etc.

And if you’re a kid, don’t hesitate to share your project builds. Make: Projects is open to ALL makers, and that includes YOU!

Build a Hovercraft