How-To: Self-venting cat box in a drawer



This self-venting cat box by Instructables user Denver_80211 (aka Fred) really cleverly uses a built-in drawer in the bathroom to keep the litter bin vented and safe from big dogs. Also gotta love that double-sided medicine drawer! Cat Ashton clearly approves.

This is a self venting cat box I built. It does have a bathroom fan inline but, that turned out to be overkill. I tapped into the vent stack for the tub while I was remodeling the bathroom. Also did all the tile and everything else, really.

The box emits no smell, the hallway down one side traps loose liter before the cats jump out and keeps the dog from getting treats. It was a blast to make.


4 thoughts on “How-To: Self-venting cat box in a drawer

  1. Folks,

    I am not a plumber, but I’m pretty sure that tying into the plumbing vent stack is a violation of code. Read the comments on the instructables page, you really do NOT want to risk sewer gases entering your house!! Methane is deadly.

    Otherwise the concept is cool and creative, but venting into the plumbing stack is NOT a good idea.

    1. I’m the project creator. I did build in safeguards for the issue you refer to but, I got enough “feedback” like this that I altered the project and added a dedicated stack. The link above leads to the updated details.

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