“I Am A Maker” declares Purdue University

How cool is this? These signs showed up at Purdue University, on the sides of Neil Armstrong Hall. Here’s the full text:

I think work should be about making things work. Better. Faster. Smaller. Smarter. So I build bridges between what’s known and what’s not. I tinker. I toil. I write poetically in an abundance of languages (including code). I hack. I dissect. I have an insatiable desire to un-complicate the complicated. I am easily inspired. I believe that just because it hasn’t been thought of doesn’t mean it won’t be. Potential is my thrill ride. Imagination is my most-used tool. I am a maker, and I am what moves the world forward.

What a lovely sentiment! Go get ’em, Purdue! The world could use some moving forward.

Purdue Declares Loudly, “I AM A MAKER”

8 thoughts on ““I Am A Maker” declares Purdue University

  1. I think this is great, but I think it is rather verbose — I’ve always loved MIT’s motto, ‘Mens et Manus’, which translates to ‘Mind and Hand’. I can’t think of a better slogan for a Maker!

  2. I’m actually a student at Purdue and immediately thought of you guys when these signs started popping up a couple days ago. Glad you found them!

  3. I’m an engineering student at Purdue, and my impression is that this ad campaign is incredibly unpopular here on campus.

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