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Shapeways now carries my material of choice for jewelry making: sterling silver.

We are very proud to offer Sterling Silver as our latest production material! In the past we did a test with Silver Ring Poems and Cufflinks, but now you can order any design in brilliant shiny Silver, until at least November 7th.

We’ll use this test period to see if we can achieve the quality and speed that we want. Also, we’ll need to learn what size of objects will be ordered – larger objects mean lower overhead costs for us, and in the long run better prices/cm3 for you!

We’re using Sterling silver which is 92.5% pure silver. The models are created using the lost-wax casting process using a high-resolution 3D Wax print of your design. After printing the model is cleaned and optionally manually polished (we call this Silver Glossy). Please note that only well-reachable surfaces can be polished!

Silver costs $48/cm3, with a minimum of $30. The optional polishing step for Silver Glossy is an additional $15 per model. Delivery time is 12 working days.

8 thoughts on “3D print in silver at Shapeways

  1. Excellent! I uploaded a design a little while ago and the plain stainless steel version didn’t come out nearly as clean as the glossy bronze (don’t get me wrong, the level of detail was still quite impressive). Let’s see how the silver comes out!

  2. The photo of the ring shown in the blog entry appears to be Braille. I could not find anything about it elsewhere. Any URL to a Braille ring would be appreciated.

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