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Homemade high resolution DLP 3D printer
DLP print in process.JPG
DLP diagram.jpg

This link came in the mailbag from one Junior Veloso, of Singapore, who has produced this very impressive homemade photopolymer-based 3D printer. Traditional stereolithography uses a scanning UV laser to cure the liquid resin, one layer at a time. A DLP printer is similar, but uses a micromirror-based video projector to expose each layer, as shown in the diagram. Junior’s version exposes each layer for four to eight seconds, resulting in print times on the order of several hours. The resin has to be opaque to prevent “shadowing” from light transmitted through the printing layer. [Thanks, Junior!]

11 thoughts on “Homemade high resolution DLP 3D printer

  1. this looks like a very nice upside down version of this 3D printer developed at the University of Illinois.

    The chemicals only cost a little over $100 due to the amounts their sold in, but is very easy to setup and get running. I first saw this at the 2009 National NSTA Conference where they printed a nano chess board in 5 minutes.

    Their automated process that works off a 3D computer model must make the preparation process incredibly faster.

  2. I would really like to read the blog you referred to, but unluckily it’s only visible to chosen readers :(

    And yes, I know how old this article actually is ;)

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