My friend, Kristin, shared this amazing knit mobile version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with me. It was created by Flickr user, spinthrift115, but she doesn’t give any information about it with the pictures. Regardless, it’s beautifully done and a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing, Kristin!
Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake Train

42 thoughts on “Knit Very Hungry Caterpillar Mobile

  1. Hi! I can’t believe that there is a picture of my mobile here. I knitted it for a colleague at work who is having a baby later this month. I only put the pictures on Flickr so that I could upload them onto Ravelry. I made up the pattern myself as I went along. I am very flattered by your kind comments. Thank you. Spinthrift :-)

    1. Hi I don’t suppose you have the guide for knitting the mobile do you? I’d love to give it a go :)

      thanks again

    2. Hi ya, is there any chance of sending me a guide for this amazing Mobile you’ve created! Would be much participated!

  2. Spinthrift,
    This is so beautiful! We are doing a very hungry caterpillar theme for our nursery and I am have a very hard time finding stuff! I have made alot of the items but haven been stuck on a mobile. I was going to buy an old one and cut the thing off and add my own but its not looking like it will work as planned. Would you be interested in making another on of these to sell? Regardless you are super talented. Please let me know either way. My email is samanthadenaray@yahoo.com

  3. Hi there,
    This mobile is just stunning!!! I am doing my nursery in this theme, and a mobile just doesnt exist out there. I was hoping you would be able to make one for me. What would the cost be?
    I live in Ontario, Canada. I am not sure where you reside but I just love this mobile so much and it would complete my nursery.
    Any information would be so super helpful. Thanks so much!!
    Again my email is akikohyodo@gmail.com
    Thanks again!

  4. any poss you could send me the pattern for this lovely mobile or would you be able to make me one as i work in a nursery and i am making a hungry caterpillar story sack
    thank you liz conway

  5. My 82 year old Mom wants to make one of these. She is most interested in the Catapillar. Can I get a pattern? I work in glass, so I don’t know anything about knitting.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  6. Please, Please say you will make a smaller version of this mobile for my 1st grandchild. Tell me what the price is and where to send it. I will give you more info, after you respond.

  7. Hi Spinthrift, I am on Ravelry as well and looked everywhere for your pattern as I absolutely adore it! Ive been looking for something like this for ages. Would you be able to send me the pattern? Or can I buy it from you?
    I do crochet so will have to interpret but would definitely be worth it for this gorgeous work if art :)

  8. hi! I love this hungry caterpillar mobile. I am hosting a baby shower for my friend and she is doing the hungry caterpillar theme, but does not have a mobile yet. Can you make me one of these and if so how much would it cost? Thanks so much! Mandy Spinner

  9. I’ve been trying to find a pattern for the Hungry Caterpillar, could anyone please send me a copy it’s for a baby due in April!
    Mnay thanks

  10. I am interested in purchasing a mobile like this for my new baby’s nursery.
    Please tell me the cost and how long it would take.

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