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Our geek BFF, Jeri Ellsworth, has tickled our exploratory fancies again (and continued to push the “don’t try this at home” envelope) with a chemistry hack of re-doping common ZnS:Cu green glow powder to arrive at her own blue electroluminescent (EL) powder. Nice work, Jer!

Make Electroluminescent (EL) Ink at Home – Re-doping Glow Powder

2 thoughts on “Jeri homebrews her own EL ink!

  1. This is pretty cool, I especially enjoyed the part about what was going on the inside of the zinc-sulfate/copper lattice, and how it’s made. I’m no physicist (and need another college chemistry class, tbh), but if I’m to understand correctly, every time an electron changes valence layers it emits a photon (or at least when it changes in one of the directions)? So if you get enough of them changing layers fast enough you make a sort of light bulb?

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