R2-D2 Pumpkin And a Death Star Pumpkin Carving How-To

R2-D2 Pumpkin And a Death Star Pumpkin Carving How-To

I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars-themed jack-o-lanterns and, frankly, never get tired of them. Noel Dickover of FantasyPumpkins.com is a master at capturing popular characters in the rind of a pumpkin, and his R2-D2 carving has me floored. Be sure to click the the handful of pictures in his index to see it from every angle.
Noel’s Death Star pumpkin was carved a couple of years ago, but he’s also included a step-by-step tutorial for how to make one yourself.

In all, if you start with a large pumpkin, you can expect to spend anywhere from 4 – 10 hours in making your Death Star. If you’ve never spent this long on a pumpkin, I can only tell you that if you’re hoping for an awesome reaction, you will have a very hard time beating the Death Star. This thing is a HUGE hit with everyone. Even jaded teenagers are blown away

Indeed, I am blown away. I think my favorite part is the addition of Lite Brite pegs, especially the one strategically placed to indicate where Luke fired his successful blast that blew the Death Star to bits. [via NPR, thanks Niku!]
Death Star Watermelon
Death Star Cookie

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