Prolific MAKE contributor, Andrew Lewis, has a piece up on Upcraft showing off his workshop. It’s a really sweet looking setup:

There is an oscilloscope fixed under the bench, and an easel above. I like to think that I’m working between two different ends of the creative spectrum, with art above me and science below. The bench is seldom completely tidy, and several part finished projects are stashed in the plastic boxes above my head. The walls are plastered with a combination of sketches, photographs, and circuit diagrams.

There is a dedicated cabinet for flammable materials, and a few sets of drawers loaded with assorted electronics and craft materials. I like to have everything at hand when I’m working, so I don’t need to keep stopping to find bits and pieces. I think that this incarnation of my desk is the best yet, but I still plan to make some changes to the wiring and positioning of some of the tools. After all, life would be boring if everything was perfect, wouldn’t it?

Benches and Tables