Weekend Project: Ultimate Fog Chiller

We decided to release Kip’s latest Weekend Project, on building your own fog chiller, today so that you still have time to bodge one up before this weekend. Happy Halloween! – Gareth

This fog chiller creates an eerie layer of fog that floats along the ground. Perfect for spooky haunted houses or displays. Thanks go to Adam Tourkow Gryczan for the original article in MAKE, Halloween Special Edition.

To download The Ultimate Fog Chiller video click here and subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete Ultimate Fog Chiller article in MAKE Halloween Special Edition


2 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Ultimate Fog Chiller

  1. whats the probability of melted ice leaking through the holes. after the party is over – won’t this kill any existing trash bags – convenient rodent attack ports – near the floor?

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