Bradjustinen’s workshop

Flickr user bradjustinen added his workshop pix to the MAKE FLickr Pool.

Love this shop. Interesting storage solution with the dangling tools — what do you think, readers? Also, I’m really interested in what he’s going to do with all those power tool batteries!

6 thoughts on “Bradjustinen’s workshop

  1. All those corded tools hit one of my pet peeves:

    Power tools should use the same standard receptacle computers do instead of having an integrated power cord. (Or the one that’s designed for slightly more power).

    But ‘no cord’ is done fairly rarely though. The only area that I’ve seen it done regularly in though is garden tools – where you just know you’re going to need an extension cord. Some have dangling one-foot cords, but there are the occasional weed-whackers with no cord at all.

  2. Those look like pretty standardish dewalt batteries so depending on the ones he buys it might be a case of they come with two batteries each, so that only be like 4 tools.

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