Forget the T-shirt cannon, how about a T-shirt tank!?

Andrew, a MAKE subscriber from Glen Ellyn, IL, sent us a link to this in-store T-shirt tank that Kevin from Workshop 88 (a makerspace in the Western Chicago Suburbs) built. It’s a working tank, complete with headlights and a swiveling turret, made out of things like paint buckets and cedar edging. The T-shirt cannon was based on a design from MAKE.

All of this was done out of materials at the home improvement store where he works, for an inter-store competition. The chassis of the tank is a lumber cart.

The powerhouse behind it is a 3000 watt Honda generator fitted into the back. I added a long tail pipe to the end of the muffler to vent the exhaust out the back for the driver. Hooked up to the generator are the two front lamps, which are 250w halogen work lights painted black with high temp paint. It also powers the small air compressor in the front which is used to fill the PVC tank before the gun is fired. The filling system includes a modified tire filler with built in gauge so the driver can see and adjust the pressure as needed.

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