Two fun and simple project contributions to Make: Projects this week both involve mods. The first is the above-pictured retrofitted microscope by Christoph Ziimmermann (nuess0r) from Switzerland. Christoph had access to a solid, classic microscope, but wanted to amp up its usability by adding lights. The mod ended up costing him a paltry $8.

The second comes from Sindri Diego of Iceland, and is a simple camera mod to produce cool bokeh effects. Bokeh comes from the Japanese word for “blur,” and by making a cover for your lens, you can snap shots where the blurred lights in your image take on whatever shape you want. The picture below (taken in a mirror using the bokeh attachment) shows the attachment and the effect at the same time.

make projects bokeh sindri diego.jpg

Got a cool hack, mod, or project build to share with the community? Head on over to Make: Projects and make it happen! Thanks, in advance.