Have an idea for a large-scale project, and just need an army of slaves kids to build it for you? Then you might want to check out the Beam camp summer project call for proposals:


Calling all Engineers, Architects, Designers, Sculptors, Builders, Chefs, Agriculturists, Videographers, Technologists, Artists and Makers of all kinds.

You supply the plan and vision. We’ll supply 100+ energetic campers and staff and 700+ acres of forest, mountain and lakes as studio, canvas and workshop. Submit your proposal today to be one of Beam’s 2011 Project Masters.

Every year Beam commissions unique large-scale collaborative Projects that serve as centerpieces of each Beam session. Our Project Management Team work with the Project Masters to “translate” the Project blueprint into the camp context. Beam Campers and Staff work together to make the Project happen. Projects can range from the conceptual to the structural.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to act on my plan to build a multitude of giant, Mt. Rushmore-like sculptures across the US. Think they’ll let the kids handle dynamite?