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Ecouterre rounds up 7 bags made from recycled denim from their recent recycled denim challenge. This checkered woven denim saddle bag by artist Miranda Chance caught my eye because it’s one of the best recycled denim projects I’ve seen around in a long time. It’s stylish and doesn’t still look like a pair of pants.
Ecouterre writes:

Miranda Chance’s aim is to utilize old denim jeans and rework old leather coats into well-designed bags of both strength and style. Each of her bags adhere to her daily environmental practice of recycling, reducing reusing, all while creating an elegant and stylish product. And not only do Miranda’s aptly named “Chance” bags give a second life to unwanted denim, but they’ve been designed to provide everything needed in a bag, with styles that range from a swinging clutch to hold-all! The durability of the denim and the soft leather lends a funky look to each item, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind style.