You are probably already familiar with the PVC pipe marshmallow shooter, a classic, fun weekend project. Maybe you already have one. Next time you show up for some gooey, air-powered confectionary warfare, why not come packing some classy heat — the Deluxe Copper Mini Marshmallow Shooter Mk. II!

You’ll build it from lengths of copper pipe and standard fittings. The Dremel Multi-Max will cut your 1/2″ dia. pipe to length with ease, so no more laboring over a hacksaw. Finally, you’ll need some basic pipe soldering skills to put it all together.



Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool and 3/4″ wood/metal flush cut blade. You could also use the Multi-Max MM462 Wood-Metal flush cut blade (1 1/8″ wide).
Copper plumbing pipe (1) 2′ length of 1/2″ internal diameter
1/2″ copper pipe elbows (2)
1/2″ copper end caps (2)
1/2″ copper T joints (2)
Metal files
Bench vise
Propane torch
Lead-free pipe solder and flux
Emery paper
Safety goggles

Threaded copper 1/2″ MIP adapter (1), and threaded copper 1/2″ female adapter (1) for unscrewing the barrel
Tape or a latex glove tip for protecting the mouth piece

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