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Amazing Banksy painting costume
banksy costume opener.jpg

MAKE contributing illustrator Tim Lillis sent me pics of his friend George Schnakenberg‘s Banksy painting costume, and I’m totally having costume envy over here. Hands down my favorite getup from this Halloween. Here’s a comparison pic of George’s costume versus the original Banksy “Flower Thrower” painting:

banksy costume comparison shot.jpg

He did an awesome job of painting his clothes to capture the shadows in the original stencil, and getting the flowers just right:

banksy costume layout.jpg

Add a little white face paint, and he’s good to go! Check out George’s Flickr stream for pics of his costume on the dancefloor, eating a sandwich, and hanging out with Raggedy Anne.

banksy costume makeup.jpg

54 thoughts on “Amazing Banksy painting costume

    1. I can smell the hipster off of you.
      “Oh yeah Banksy is so yesterday, I’m on to bigger and badder things cause I’m an intellectual that consumes media like a dog does with the food in his bowl. Since my friends no longer talk about banksy i have to hate it now”

    1. He is a vandal because he knows that is the best way for him to get noticed; he wants everyones attention, mainly because most of his “acts of vandalism” are political messages as well. I think he chose the proper medium for what he stands for. It is controversial, but graffiti is still an art form.

      1. Well yes, graffiti is an art form, but to make such facile points with no panache is pretty stupid. Banksy makes no interesting points, nor are they even presented in an original manner. So he’s dumb.

        1. It’s amusing that you’re using pretentious language when your name is “Duder butthead”.

        2. You must have a very misguided view of life to think that Banksy art has no “interesting points” and is not presented in an original manner. Or Perhaps you are just too jaded to actually appreciate any art that isn’t posted on your mothers refrigerator. Now for one I am no Banksy fanatic but I have personally seen dozens of different presentations by the artist (Yes he is a legitimate artist, graffiti is just one of his mediums and it is perfect for the chaos it represents) and for two I quote “Banksy makes no interesting  points”, really? Just turn on Jersey shore and get a little dumber than you already are.

          People like you should not even have the internet if your not going to use it to make you a better person.

          1. I dunno I really think butthead’s got a point! Art is at its best when it allows people to think, when it offers an argument rather than one side of the story, when it unbiasedly asks questions and allows its audience to think rather than be told. Often Bansky’s art doesn’t so much speak but screams at you! And if propaganda is art then should we consider Goebbels alongside Michelangelo? Banksy’s work makes me smile, but, thats it, I actually think to a certain extent its damaging of people’s intelligence!

          2. Art is not supposed to do anything.  And who is anyone to qualify when art is at its best?

            How is Banksy’s artwork “damaging of people’s intelligence?”

          3. So you’re saying a graffiti rendition of a rioter throwing a bouquet of flowers instead of rocks or tear gas doesn’t make you think about things like the differences between violence and love? You don’t think Banksy is an artists yet Andy Warhol filmed the empire state building for 8 hours and it was shown in galleries and considered great art. Think about the works of Jackson Pollock, all he had was a canvas and paint drippings and he is world renown for his art. Just because you don’t get it or that its not in a gallery doesn’t make it any bit less art.

          4. Folks, please keep your comments civil — we do not allow personal attacks here on MAKE. And this REALLY is supposed to be about the COSTUME, not about the relative merits of Banksy as an artist.

  1. know why i think banksy is lame? because i live in a town dominated by an art school in which all the banksy-wannabe kids with rich daddies, who are nowhere near as talented as they think they are, vandalize the hell out of MY city with stupid shit like farm animals on walls of 200 year old buildings and it looks like shit!! if they want to ruin buildings, they can go to whatever towns they came from and vandalize their gated communities!

    1. so… Banksy is lame because you’re surrounded by a bunch of horrible artists who attempt graffiti and suck at it? Sounds like sure fire reasoning to me…  Instead of sitting there complaining about it why not get up off your ass and go volunteer to re-paint these said “200 year old” buildings and restore them to their original glory, you know, since your town is clearly that important to you. Do something about it. 

      But on topic – That is quite an awesome costume dude. 

  2. there is about 25 people in the country who would get this costume. I am very glad I do not know any of them.

  3. Your costume is fantastic. Great work — it looks completely spot-on.

    PS: Banksy is a great street artist, despite the fact that he’s become a sensationalized pop culture phenomenon. All the naysayers clearly don’t have any appreciation for satirical imagery or social commentary

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