Carlyjcais on Instructables shows us how to convert a men’s button-down shirt into a cute romper. She writes:

Ever wanted to remake one of your guy’s shirts into something for yourself? Not just a skirt, or a dress…but yes, it’s possible to make a ROMPER!

We’ll be using one ENTIRE shirt – and leave only the tiniest scraps behind when we’re done. It will take awhile, and this tute is probably not for beginners.

This little romper can be worn with the shorts as is, or rolled up for a cute look that exposes more leg. You can leave the top unbuttoned and wear a cute camisole or long-sleeve tee underneath, or button up and pop the collar for a more edgy feel. You can wear with the waist-tie, or without, tie it in a big bow or just knot it, add a belt for a more structured feel…you can even salvage some more fabric from the cuffs or sleeves and add ties or buttons to the sides of the shorts! There’s so many options…and I hope you customize it to where it’s truly yours!