How-To: Embossed metal box from beverage can

Mangetout shows us how to transform a soda/drink can into a cool embossed box. One of his pro tips is to sand the can before you open it and drink the contents.


788 thoughts on “How-To: Embossed metal box from beverage can

  1. Sweet! Now to build a streaming music player in it and call it Pandora’s Box. (Too obvious? Sorry.)

    A side note: Thank you for posting a still photo along with the video. I work in a low bandwidth environment and usually have Flash content blocked. A still photo helps me decide if I should unblock the video and wait for it to load (which I’m doing in this case).

  2. This is such a simple and cool idea. I’m going to try it tonight after work.

    As for the streaming music player idea, I dont think a can would be big or strong enough.. I’m only saying that because I HAVE recently built an embedded linux streaming music player for and I’m looking out for good box ideas :)

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