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RFID Transplantation @ bunnie’s blog

…the SMRT is that the “EZlink” RFID card system used in Singapore conflicts with the two other RFID subway cards in my wallet (the Shenzhen Tong and the Hong Kong Octopus card), so as I pass through the busy turnstyles, about half the time I get an invalid card error, causing much irritation among the people behind me as I sort through my RFID card collection to pick out the EZlink card.

Having seen Japan’s Suica system integrated into mobile phones, I thought, why not stick the EZlink chip inside my phone? Since the EZlink card also serves as a payment card, I can get around the city with nothing but my phone, buying beverages at 7-11, and paying taxi, bus and train fares while texting my buddies without carrying a scrap of cash.

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