Slider cell phone costume

From the MAKE Flickr pool: Flickr user jpotisch created this neat Halloween costume for his daughter.

The finished product! I was running late and neglected to take pictures of the foam harness but basically it attaches front and back with a LOT of glue, since it has to hold the entire weight of the costume. A hole for her head rests the whole thing on her shoulders, and a large foam “lap belt” across the back, also held in place with a ton of hot glue, keeps the whole thing from tipping forward.

It was not the most maneuverable costume, but it was stable, light, and comfortable enough to get around and trick-or-treat, which is all my daughter cares about.

Nicely done, but I wish I could see it on the kid, I’m having a hard time visualizing how it’s supposed to fit!

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