The iFixit Repair Manifesto

Inspired by Mister Jalopy’s/MAKE’s Maker’s Bill of Rights and Platform 21’s Repair Manifesto, the folks at iFixit have created this lovely repair manifesto and poster. They’re on a mission to get this thing up in hackerspaces, workshops, bulletin boards, and garages the world over. They’ve even printed 1500 copies of the poster that they’re giving away, in exchange for a Tweet or FB mention (and you have to register on iFixit). You can also download and print your own. They’ll also be including a free poster in the next 5,000 iFixIt parts orders.

Self-Repair Manifesto

4 thoughts on “The iFixit Repair Manifesto

  1. Sorry HP, we should have the right to replace and REFILL any consumables too.

    I’m tired of underpriced pinters and overpriced inkjet cartridges with limited ink supplies that contain expiration dates, restricting refilling.

    For my printer (not HP) I got special inkjet cartridges that allow refilling and fool the printer into thinking they are original equipment. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. I hear you wonder-wheeler… I feel the same about toner cartriges for my Dell laser printer. $150 for 4 little plastic containers that have a few ounces of plastic powder inside??? Phooey!
    My solution to that was to buy a couple used “dead” printers online of the same model for about 1/4th the cost and salvage about $450 worth of usable toner!

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