As you may already know, November is Maker Hobbies month here online, a chance for us to geek out over the stuff each of us like to make, as a form of relaxation, fun, flexing our creative muscles, and indulging specialized interests that maybe our family and friends don’t totally understand. For instance, I’m a tabletop sci-fi wargaming nut (namely Warhammer 40,000). Sadly, I haven’t don’t much gaming, terrain modeling, or miniature converting and painting lately, but that’s where my hobby love lies when I have the time and energy (and the budget).

We want to hear from you. What floats your hobby boat? What recreational making do you spend your time dreaming about, thinking about how you would pursue it if you had the free time and the disposable income? Please share us in the comments. And, if you’ve come up with any creative ways of hiding hobby expenses (what hobby is NOT expensive?) from your significant other, please share with the group!

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