Stacey Kuznetsov and Eric Paulos at Carnegie Mellon University just published results from their study into DIY projects, communities, and cultures. The results are fascinating and super useful to DIY sites like us!

A year or so ago, we invited DIY enthusiasts from Instructables , Ravelry , Adafruit , Craftster , Dorkbot , and Etsy to fill out our survey on DIY communities, projects, and cultures. We received 2600+ responses in just a few weeks. Many many thanks to everyone who contributed!!

Our work explores DIY as a vibrant culture with a long history of learning, creating and sharing. We hope that our study inspires more discussion and future collaboration within and across DIY and academic communities.

We thank everyone for completing our survey!

Feel free to check out our paper or download the full slide deck as a pdf or a set of images