I was a huge Monkees fan when I was a kid, thanks mostly to MTV running weekend-long Monkee marathons back in the early 80s. (which, by the way, I recorded every episode on Betamax tapes) A few weeks ago, I needed a Monkees fix, so I downloaded a best-of album and enjoyed jamming out to their music while I worked. I also thought it would be fun to find a pattern for a Mike Nesmith-style knit green hat, but didn’t have any luck turning something up. Just yesterday, Lisa of Polka Dot Cottage posted a pattern she used to make a few Mike Nesmith-style hats for some friends. Last year, she created the hat in the picture above for her son. She tweaked her choice of yarn just a bit and shares how she’s updated the project. Now if only I could knit …
Bottom photo via IMDB.